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  • 04:41 Popular 2016 Altodigital Corporate Cup

    2016 Altodigital Corporate Cup

    Have you ever dreamed of lacing up your boots, stepping out at an iconic venue and pitting your football skills against your heroes? The 2016 Altodigital Corporate Cup, played host to footballing legends, watch all the action here.

  • 06:52 Popular A Complete Guide to Print Security

    A Complete Guide to Print Security

    Find out how to maximise your print and document security measures. Learn about the impact of proposed EU data protection legislation on your business and review how you can protect your business from data security breaches.

  • 03:04 Popular About Managed Document Services

    About Managed Document Services

    Altodigital Managed Document Services is a five phased approach that relies on a close working partnership to develop bespoke print and document management strategies and improvements, which lead to sustainable business benefits. This video outlines this

  • 01:31 Popular Altodigital CEO Interview

    Altodigital CEO Interview

    A short interview with James Abrahart, CEO of Altodigital chatting about his football teams performance in the 2015 Corporate Cup and Altodigital's commitment to support charities, such as the Mo Farah Foundation.

  • 01:38 British Pepper Spice

    British Pepper Spice

    "We understand the steps that need to be taken to start the paperless journey, as well as how to introduce the technology, processes and workflow solutions to boost productivity."Watch our Document Management Solution success story from one of the UK&rsqu

  • 02:40 Government Legal Department

    Government Legal Department

    The Government Legal Department is a non-ministerial department and the Government’s legal advisers. Their purpose is to help the Government to govern within the rules of the law. With over 2000 employees of which 1400 are solicitors or barristers,

  • 02:24 Popular Introducing Altodigital

    Introducing Altodigital

    A welcome to Altodigital from CEO James Abrahart. With Altodigital your business will become more secure, more efficient and more environmentally sustainable.

  • 02:10 Popular Introducing Managed Document Services

    Introducing Managed Document Services

    James Abrahart CEO of Altodigital introduces Managed Document Services. MDS highlights where time and resources are being wasted, and provides an accountable, tailor-made print and copy environment to enhance productivity and reduce output costs by up to

  • 01:06 Popular Introduction to Lexmark XM3150

    Introduction to Lexmark XM3150

    Altodigital product training guide introducing the features and operational capabilities of the Lexmark XM3150 mulitfunctional photocopier, scanner and faxing device.

  • 01:20 Popular Learn More About Proposed EU Data Protection Laws

    Learn More About Proposed EU Data Protection Laws

    Your business could potentially be liable for a fine of 2% of turnover for failing to secure private data. Find out more about this ruling and how it could impact on your business.

  • 01:51 Popular Learn Who is at Risk from Print and Document Security Theft

    Learn Who is at Risk from Print and Document Security Theft

    Print and document security is an area that many companies often overlook as a threat to their business. Find out how you can avoid the risks to your business. Chateaurel, our partner in print security discuss the potential issues.

  • 02:51 Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

    Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

    The initial challenge at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS trust was that they did not have accurate records of how many devices were installed or how many contracts were in place. A full print analysis was requested to accurately capture the precise number of